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So back in May 2010, FCA and APAC of George Mason University hosted the annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Fest to celebrate Asian American talent.  There were tons of mind-boggling performances from all over the U.S.! 

Vince, on the left, is the lead in making this event happen! Check out that fancy design.

Below are just a FEW of the many, many talented folk.

Jenny Suk

JR Aquino

AJ Rafeal Band

...and my favorite part of every show FCA and Co. put out - the DANCING!!!...

Miki Emura.. she's got fierce musicality! Her hair looks so good while she dances..the way it bounces.. adds to the choreography!

Sohey Sugihara - undeniably filled with star power! He.is.INCREDIBLE!!! You've GOT to see it to believe it.. check him out at his YT channel here.

Kyle Hanagami.. another crazy, innovative, up-and-coming choreographer and dancer of the West Coast. He has wonderful and game-changing choreo always up his sleeve. His YT channel is here and you must check out my fave medley of his here. Seriously, you gotta check out this video.. AHHMAAZING, <3 the end.

Josh Gilmore, Tony Czar, Jun Quemado (bottom half)- all 3 are the best in the business. Period. You may remember Josh from the promo shoot I posted here and he's such a wonderful character and best personality to be around.  Tony is super fun and kind. I had the pleasure of learning from him a few years ago when he still lived around here and helped FCA out with a choreo piece.. his killer choreo is here.  Jun has been featured on ABDC with Team Millenia and choreos pretty sweet intricate moves with hands.  Very cool to learn from him too at the following day's Master Dance Workshops!

*sigh* So unbelievable to be surrounded by such enormous talent in the dancing industry. Love them all! Thank you all for being able to stop by the DMV area and teaching workshops!

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