It's been TOO long!

June 2009? It's been far too long since my last post... Then again, my photography was on a bit of a hiatus due to several things, including the most important part.. my camera malfunctioned.  My full-time job at Big Red has got a lot of my time, respectfully, and thus earned me a promotion. Yipee! This post is not about my job though, its about my return to fotography! *cue angels singing* hahaha, maybe not that dramatic.

I will start this year with several posts of what I have been working on since 2009 and have not had the chance to post and actually comment on the work.

First up, my incredibly talented friend MaryAnn Reyes (you can check out her YouTube page here for some of her moves) set out to move to Lala land to pursue her dancing passion.  And boy, does she have a gift!  She was the first person who asked me to take her headshots waaaay back when I talked about starting to do shoots for my friends.  And so the time came and we got it done and done!

We had several outfit changes.. and she rocked each look!

She moved with another mutual great/funny/goofy/sweet/model-ready friend, Josh Gilmore. He's something else!

Just look at all the different emotions he exudes! He also has killer dance moves.. a league of his own.
Together they can't be stopped. They wanted some shoots together for their initial promo tour as they traveled cross-country. I was happy to oblige.

They had so much fun with it and were up for anything! Just take a look at the following and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

They are the best! I miss them both and I know they will be able to achieve anything out there.  Reach past the sky guys! I will visit you both soon I hope <3

Always keep smiling :)

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