Portraits | Jay Jones

Last summer, Jay Jones hit me up and asked me to shoot her headshots shortly after I posted MaryAnn and Josh's promo shoot.  She also is one of the ladies who has asked me to shoot them a loong time ago.  Well I'm ashamed it took me so long, but we nailed a date in December and headed off to National Harbor, MD to create magic.

I met Jay through Urbanknowlogy 101, a hip-hop dance crew at George Mason University founded in 2005.  We both were part of the founding year and have danced together throughout the years.  She's a very fun and outspoken person to be around and always is looking for the next big thing.

She was definitely giving me her all when I started shooting.  Like I said, it was December when she did this and it was COOOLD and windy.  Jay was the best and was such a trooper.  I had her in her bikini top with little protection from the cold outside doing all kinds of poses. Gotta love it when your model is so cooperative and fierce!

She is pursuing modeling and acting, while also continuing to dance with GnC Crew (another dance crew based in DC).  Take a closer look above.. yes, MJ earrings!  Pretty dope.

I'd say she's got the modeling down! What do you think?

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