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It's been a minute (as some people say when referring to a long passage of time :P ) since I've last updated!  I've been mighty busy these past months.. vacationed in gorgeous Majorca, Spain, crazy holiday retail work schedule, and attended 2 weddings... one of which was my first solo wedding shoot!!! You heard right!  It all started with the groom, Mike, being friends with my boyfriend Sergio for several years now.  I met Nioka, the bride, through their friendship and for a couple years we were actually neighbors. 

On a chilly Christmas early morning (just about after midnight, in fact), they both opened all their presents.. but Mike had one more big surprise.  He went down on his knee and presented Nioka with a beautiful ring to propose her with.  :)

Soon after, wedding plans were on the rise and Nioka asked me if I'd be interested in shooting her wedding.  I was happy to do so and nervous at the same time... my first solo wedding!  Let me take this moment to thank Ica from Ica Images for being so supportive and allowing me to second shoot for her in the past. I learned a lot from this little, full of life, lady! Thank you, thank you!

The wedding took place at Notaviva Vineyards in Purcellville, VA in late October.  And man! was it a challenge!!  It SNOWED out of nowhere, very cold, the power went out at the venue and was running on generators, and therefore no restrooms.  But did that hinder the day? Not in any way!  We kept it rolling and we had a great time!  I'm so happy I survived hahaha.

So enough talk, and let me show you the result of the day. Enjoy!

Isn't it such a beautiful snowy setting!?

I really love the guys in the below shot with the combination of the snow.. love it!!

For more, click here to see the rest of the album on my facebook page.

Congratulations Mike & Nioka!  Thank you again for letting me be part of and allow me to document your special day. :)  I wish you both all the best!! keep on dancing ;)

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Brooke Aliceon said...

Love this! The setting was soooo beautiful! Lovely work!