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Last Thursday night, I attended Jasmine Star's The Fix tour in DC. Yes, Jasmine Star!! :D :D If you don't know, she's an incredible international wedding photographer based out of Southern California.  Her journey of stardom is amazing and truly commendable and respectable.  And that's what the tour was all about, sharing her struggles and how her and her business changed with it.  It was about educating us fellow photographers how to take control of our business and move forward to something great. Pursue it! Without fear. Embracing the change and the struggle. 

I was exposed to Jasmine by my wonderful friend and wedding photograper Ica. When I looked her up, I couldn't stop reading her blog. In fact, I will admit, I read EVERY SINGLE BLOG ENTRY! Including her original blog that she linked to showing her growth when she first started picking up the camera.  I was in awe and maybe mildly obsessed hahaha.  I absolutely fell in love with her, and what really drew me in was her silliness, her journey, her bravery, and her willingness to share! Share parts of her crazy personal life and share her knowledge of photography and the business behind it.  I thought that was something new and refreshing.  Through her, I discovered other venues that loved to share and foster the photographic community, like the B SchoolZach & Jody Gray, and creativeLive for example.

By the way, I loved her curls.. and style! So effortless. Anyway! I attended last minute because I was, frankly, intimidated and nervous as heck to be among 250 photographers who know what they're doing and done it longer than I have.  With a work schedule change and a gracious new friend who could no longer attend and sold me her ticket (shout out to Syreena!), I am soooo thankful and glad I did attend!  I learned so much and met so many talented new friends!

Below are some more photos from the night :)

JD, Jasmine's loving/rocking 2nd shooter/dapper/ husband.

Beautiful photographer Ashley Stuart Goodwin... her work is amazaballs!

Strike a pose! Me + Jasmine

Ok let's be normal hahaha. Last shot of miss thang herself for the night.

Thank you Jasmine for coming and sharing your charisma, love, passion, and knowledge with us! Thank you also to all the wonderful attendants and making this so easy and fun to get to know you! 

"Let the Monster see me smile" - Jasmine Star

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