Portraits | Jessica Ngo

Phew! I finally caught up. :) I know, I didn't do a lot this past year but it'll change this year.  I gots a lot more in store and I'm really looking forward to developing my skill and meeting new people.  With all these headshots I did for MaryAnn and Jay Jones last year, my dear friend Jessica reached out to me and told me that she's interested in starting up her Styling gig with a friend of hers.  She needed a Styling Portfolio to submit to schools and client review.  Of course I said I would do it and I was excited!

With no models available, Jessica would model her own styles she put together.  She's a pretty fly girl!  Before the shoot, Jessica pretty much told me she's never really modeled like this before.  I told her No Worries! Just relax and we'll have fun!
It had recently snowed here and I really wanted to take advantage of the snow and the scenery to add dimension to the fotos.  I'm glad we were able to capture it before it all melted away today. Crazy weather...

She came over and her friend, Aimee Nguyen, arrived to do her makeup.  From the short time I met her, Aimee is a highly driven person and works really hard to get what she wants!  Working at MAC, Aimee has refined her make up skills and is also available for hire for makeup sessions of your needs! She's awesome! Get her!

I'm in love with the above foto! Her expression and the composition is dead on! 

Jessica was really great! She took direction very well and worked it! 

This is only the beginning.  We have at least 2 more looks to shoot and will happen in the next coming months.  I know you want to see more :)

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