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Yayyyy! OK, now that I've got that out of my system, let me continue.. If you didn't know, I work at Verizon Wireless and we've just launched a brand spankin new tablet, that is the Motorola Xoom powered by Android.  I've been thinking about getting a tablet for portability, showcasing my portfolio to potential clients, etc. The iPad was one of my considerations but I knew the Xoom was coming and I had to see it physically before I dropped the cash! It's an investment!  I already love Google and their Android OS (I have the HTC Incredible, bought my man a Droid X for xmas, and can't live without Google Calendar!!) so I naturally gravitated to the Xoom tablet.  

Fast forward to yesterday.. It came in the mail! a day early! That's always a pleasant surprise by the way. Let the unboxing begin!

I was so excited!! 

Startup animation.. Honeycomb :]

I love the little Android guy.. so cute!

and there you have it! I pulled up my website, but it only loaded the HTML version.  No worries though, Google will have an update that will allow it to have a Flash player soon.  I already spent all morning loading my pix and music to it.  Like I said, I mainly bought it for potential clients.. it's much easier to carry than a laptop and for me, I don't have a printed portfolio.. so this is it!

Happy Hump day!

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