Nevis Island.. lovely

Last week, my boyfriend and I flew back from a one-week vacation in Nevis, a teeny island in the Carribeans. We were smothered with hospitality and gorgeous views and stayed at a beautiful and well-equipped bungalow, with private pool and built right off the cliff with views of St. Kitts. We will definitely return in the near future. I had purchased a Nikon D90 right before, so that was attached to my hip at all times! I loved it and I only took 2 lenses with me - 50mm and 18-200mm. Turns out that the 18-200 helped satisfy all my needs of travel. I took 3000+ shots and just finished narrowing it down to 220 photos to share. The following is just a snippet of our experiences :] I'm happy to read your feedback.

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Sarah W. said...

Tina, its Sarah W..David's wifey. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics - you are super talented and I'm adding Nevis to our list of places to visit!!!

I'm hoping I can save up some $$ and get a Nikon in the future. My SLR is slowly becoming outdated - yikes!

ps i have a blog too!