Newt Gingrich... bam!

I love getting my name out to people.. whether it's customer referrals from my Verizon Wireless job or photo referrals. I definitely try to please my clients and give them the best service I can give them.. and it pays off! Last year, at my wireless job I met a customer who happened to work for George Mason University and I told her that I studied Photography there. She told me she'll keep me in mind for events they need photographs for. Just a month ago, the Director of Marketing and Communications from the School of Management dept. contacted me about an event for which they needed someone to photograph. She told me that she got my name from the lady I spoke to originally !!! :D The gig involved shooting Newt Gingrich at a Speaker Series at GMU and I was the only photographer for the job. I did not realize how big of an opportunity this was until afterward... I felt rather lucky and privileged for this to be my very first paid assignment. More to come I hope :D


Hannah Choi said...

HEY! These are great Tina! Keep up the freelancing! WOOOOO! :)

Sarah W. said...

Great Job Tina!!!!

Suzanne said...

I'm so proud of you, Tina!