Personal | Meeting lovely photographers @ Reston Town Center

After attending Jasmin Star's The Fix in DC recently, I have been staying in touch with all the photographers who attended through Facebook.. gotta love FB :) A small group of us who helm out of the NoVA area decided to meet up, share what our goals are from this group, and update our headshots in the end :) We all met up at Reston Town Center and lo and behold! a huge food and music festival was taking place at that very same time.. parking was crazy to say the least! haha.  I wished I had more time to actually check it out but wouldn't replace it with the time I spent with the lovely photographers I met! Though the 2.5 hrs flew by, I had such a great time getting to know them all.  I am so excited to grow our friendships and forge new ones with future meet ups!  Check out the photos below:

I quickly snapped a pic of Eric and Donella Smith of DESIstudios as they were leaving to attend a workshop in DC.  They were so kind and had such different styles! Opposites finding harmony, I know they can do it :)
Lexi, on the right, is soooo sweet! She is the daughter of Jill Samter and super smart talented! Her mother Jill is the fearless leader of our group and is completely self-less! Is that a word? haha What I mean by that is that she's so eager to share and contribute all she can for a greater cause! So happy to have met them!

Now this lady above is the beautiful Sheaulee! I can't say it enough, but I loove her hair.. it's so full of body and thick! It suits her face very well. She's got great style as you can see and it's well reflected in her photography!

I really adore Marirosa! This girl is so fun and incredibly approachable! You can tell she loves life and surrounds herself with people that do too! I'm looking forward to getting to know her more

Check out this youngin! Jon is the man! He's one of the youngest in the group along with Lexi and knows what he loves to do and wants to do! He's coming right out of the gate (high school) and sharpening his skills. I totally respect him for being a go-getter and pushing himself to be better and exposing himself to new things and people. 

OMG! This gorgeous lady above is Krystle! She's gorgeous! I know I said it twice, she deserved it haha.  I'm in love with her photography and she's incredibly sweet.  She's another person who is selfless and willing to help where needed.  She readily volunteered herself as the model for an upcoming meet if all else fails and totally rocked this photo!

Jenny Rain. I'mma be cheesy, but it def does not rain when Jenny's around. She's a bundle of joy and lights up with enthusiasm! It doesn't hurt that she's wearing my fave color either haha. What a beaut! :D

And of course Greg! He refused to have a pic of him, but he was one funny and Keepin-It-Real guy! Always gotta KIR! right? :D

Until next time! I got tons more of other events to share with you soon! Keep checking!


Jill Samter Photography said...

So glad we met! I ADORE YOU!

Excited is not even the right word for where we are all going together! Mmmm good!

Hugs and blessings!

Sheaulee Ng said...

You are the sweetest! So happy to have met you and I cannot wait for what's ahead!

Lexi said...

GREAT shots!! haha LOVE this post Tina. It was so great getting to meet you and I can't wait for the next-meet up!


JennyRain said...

YOU are a rockstar :) I loved meeting you so much and can't wait to hang out again :)